I AM, we are a prominent manufacturer, experienced trader, and eco-evangelist for compost able and sustainable creations. We are a professional company in providing a broad-spectrum of creative, high-quality and cost effective biodegradable and compostable products.

We work diligently across borders with our distinguished partners to meet our esteemed client’s evolving needs. We ensure all our sustainable products are made from renewable and natural raw materials that are compostable according to industrial composting. Our innovative products comply with international standards like EN 13432 and ASTM D6400 and are DIN Certco, Vincotte and BPI certified.

We believe our planet represents God’s creation, and it’s our moral obligation to conserve and cultivate it for the succeeding generations. We stand resolute rescuing our society from plastic and environment deteriorating waste through our Social responsibility program; CAP.


To be the world leader in innovation of sustainable creations and to conserve nature for the future generation.


Our mission is simple


We believe creation is personal and we take utmost care not just to give an elegant design to our products but have an eye for detail.


We believe to transform our lives; we got to change things we do every day. We make it a habit to consciously use sustainable products.


We believe the daunting challenges of our time can be met by the willingness to connect and generously share ideas and resources.